We all have bad days.

Thankfully we each hold within us a handful of happy triggers that we can implement at any given moment. 

This exercise might be easier if you're in a good mood, but anyone can do it. Write down the following things that bring you extra joy/happiness/inspiration. Then tuck them away in your desk or wallet so you can retrieve these secret weapons when you need a little dopamine rush. Note: This isn't the same as fun zone out time (*cough* *cough* *Instagram*).

  • Songs that make me happy:
  • People I know who make me happy:
  • People I don't know who make me happy:
  • Videos that make me happy:
  • Art that makes me happy:
  • Books that make me happy: 
  • Places in town that make me happy:
  • Practices that make me happy:

What are some other categories that would cheer you up?