Becky Simpson Chipper Things Masks

Photo by Alex Crawford

What first began as the brainchild of illustrator, designer, art director, and author Becky Simpson, is now a collection of giftable goodies tattooed with art that celebrates the simple things in life through a cheerful lens. We create art, paper, and lifestyle products that make space for play, from greeting cards for silly friends to art prints for inspired spaces. The goal of it all? To make accessible art you can relate to with the help of wonky brushstrokes and a zany sense of humor. Let Chipper Things inspire you to color outside the lines.

Every piece in the shop is illustrated by Becky in her studio. Chipper Things was born in Austin, Texas and is now based in Nashville, Tennessee. Becky is both author and illustrator of I’d Rather Be Short and The Roommate Book. Learn more about her process here and here.   

What People Are Saying 

"Becky's flowcharts make me laugh out loud. Her smart sense of humor addresses what's really on people's minds throughout the day, like whether you're a good mom or if you can skip working out. She really gets women." —Joanna Goddard, A Cup of Jo

“When we’re having a rough day, few things can put a smile on our face quite like Becky Simpson’s art.” —Gina Mei, Hello Giggles

"Hilarious flowcharts and cards that will give you instant laughs." —Caroline Joy Rector, Unfancy

“Chipper Things is my absolute jam. The illustrations are hysterical, irreverent in the best way, and wonderfully silly.” —Lauren Kelp, founder of